We are authorized retro-fitment centre for CNG kits. We have all tools and equipments for installation of CNG kit in car . We have latest CNG kits available . We have facility to retest CNG tank of car.

Makes your car pollute less

CNG, as a fuel, is less polluting than both, petrol and diesel, and it burns more efficiently as well. Getting CNG fitted in your car reduces your carbon footprint.

Makes your car cost less to run

CNG cars offer high fuel efficiency and low running costs. This makes your wallet a lot happier as your car will cost much less to fill up and run.

Saves you from adulterated fuels

Unlike petrol or diesel which can be easily adulterated, it is almost always impossible to adulterate CNG. Any kind of adulterated fuel is a potential risk to your car. Similarly, the very nature of CNG point of sale is such that traditional short charging scams which are very easy in petrol and diesel points of sale do not work on CNG sales, so you always get what you pay for.

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