If your car is damaged by accident . We have solutions for it . Maybe dent is smaller or bigger or accident is minor or major we can recondition your car as good as new by our trained staff . We have latest painting technology available for all brands cars
When your vehicle is involved in an accident, an auto body repair center will have it looking as good as new in an instant. Auto body repair centers are experts at repairing or replacing worn out or damaged body parts, as well as headlights and things like your car’s axels and steering system. If you’re involved in an accident you’ll almost certainly need to turn to an auto body repair center to repair your car’s cosmetic damage. In fact, these centers are the only place you should turn to.

Auto paint experts

Whether you are involved in an accident or just fancy getting a fresh coat of paint applied to your vehicle, auto paint experts are here to ensure your ride looks as fresh as possible. It’s not possible to apply auto paint yourself, so it’s always necessary to visit an expert. Even after an accident where paint has been scraped of your vehicle, these experts can match the color and have your vehicle looking as good as new.

Autoglass repair specialists

This is us — experts in repairing and replacing your vehicle’s glass. Whether it’s your windshield or windows, auto glass experts can safely and securely remove, repair and replace your auto glass. If you’ve been involved in an accident, it will almost always be necessary to have an auto glass specialist to replace your car’s glass. But replacement may not be necessary in other cases. If you notice a small chip, we can repair it quickly and cheaply without having to replace the entire windshield.
The Denting process removes visible deformities on the exterior body of the car. In case of accidents, collision of vehicle denting and painting of the parts are preferred as it helps save the additional cost of the new part used. The work also is carried out in such a manner that the part looks as good as new.

The big challenge for the denter / painter mechanic is to ensure that the surface is smooth wh is done through a fine denting process and also ensure that the paint color and texture matches with the rest of the vehicle.

Denting and Painting recommended when

1. There is a deformity in the part or exterior car panel

2. There is no deformity, but the accident or scratch results in removal of the paint from the metal / plastic part.

Majority of the car workshops / car mechanics paint the full part to ensure full color match, but in some cases just to reduce cost further, localized painting is carrie out for the part. he only risk that a customer carries in such a case that there may be a visible color change in the same panel. Normally the color difference is due to the new paint being applied and the older paint which has withered dust and pollution and has naturally faded.

Rubbing and Polishing

On the contrary car rubbing polish process is done by smoothing the surface of the paint and expelling dead, oxidized paint by physically removing the top layer. It can be done by utilizing rubbing polish to repair scratches, spotting, sandpaper marks and surface contaminants.

Your car color loses glow while standing in sun. You will need swirl marks and tiny scratch removal, and this can be done by applying some car polish. For this purpose, you just need a rubbing polish process as delaying will oxidize the paint.

The car rubbing polish process is also prescribed for minor car scratches. Observe first, as it may not be appropriate for other types of scratches.

Rubbing and polishing process is useful for minor scratches and loss of glow in car paint. If you look at any scratch closely, it can be recognized whether the body paint has been fully removed or not. In some scratches the paint of your own vehicle is not removed, rather the paint of the colliding vehicle gets applied on your vehicle. This can be rectified through rubbing polishing of the car.

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